Massage for Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition of  pain in the thumb or finger, commonly an over use problem.  Grasping a tennis racket or power tools can cause it.  It is comonly found in women of Scandinavian descent.  The finger may be painful, click or snap while bending or the muscles may tighten and it will  remain bent. 

Massage can help this condition unless it caused by arthritis or gout.  Massage for the hand, wrist and arm is helpful as well as using it less for a while. 

An exercise that can help is to put fingertips together in a cone shape and put a rubber band around the finger tips and open and close the fingers.  In an overuse situation like this one, the muscles that clench are stronger than the muscles that flex.  This exercise will help balance the muscles and the problem will be less.

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