Release of Frozen Toe at Loveland Massage by Helena

I have a client who is 90 and comes once a month for massage.  I have been working on the “frozen” big toe for 12 visits now because client cannot bend the toe.  It sticks up because the tendon is so tight. 

The last time client came in, they reported that I “Broke the spring”.  I asked what that meant and client replied, “You released the tendon so I can now bend that toe. Now every morning and evening I rub that toe and foot and clench the toe 20 times. I don’t want it to go back to being unbend-able.”

I was so happy I could help.  I know it was a bit painful every time I worked it but what a great result.  Client said the toe hadn’t bent in 20 years. 

It always bothers me when a finger or toe won’t bend so I do work them but that was the first time I ever made such a big difference.  I would massage the tendon and bend the toe a little past the comfort zone.  Client reports pain free walking for the first time in 20 years.

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Why Loveland Massage by Helena is Paraben Free

Loveland Massage by Helena is paraben free mainly because so many clients request it.  Looking it all up on line tells me that no one knows for sure if they cause cancer but there is cause for concern.

Parabens are the most widely used preservative. They are used in food, 80% of cosmetics and skin care products. The concern is in a study published where parabens were found in breast cancer tumors. It is not known if parabens were the cause but it doesn’t look good. It may also mean that parabens mimic estrogen causing girls to go into puberty earlier. This in not a known fact but is concerning.

What this tells me is that we have a system of research that drug companies use to prove their products are safe period. We have no infrastructure to pay to test if things are not safe. Who would fund that?

I realize that the skin being the largest organ of the human body is wonderful at absorbing nutrients and toxins that are rubbed upon it.  I would rather be safe than sorry so, paraben free it is.

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Scar Tissue and Loveland Massage by Helena

Scar tissue is the body’s natural response to tearing or cutting the skin. Muscle tissue forms in nice parallel lines. Scars are collagen fibers that form across the cut or tear to hold it together. The result can limit range of motion.

One case I worked with was a hernia scar that had staples under the skin. The staples were pushing toward the outside into scar tissue causing pain twelve years after the surgery.  One hour of massage on the site solved the problem.  Another was a pin and plate in the lower leg that was causing pain 15 years after the surgery.  One hour of massage on the site cleared that up.

Metal expands and contracts but scar tissue does not, so the scar tissue must be worked to allow it to stretch also.

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Pain from Teeth Clenching and Loveland Massage

I received a very unpleasant email the other day and needed time to think about how to respond.  I slept on it and upon awakening found that I had clenched my teeth so hard all night I had severe pain in my jaw and cheek muscles, so bad; that it hurt to open my mouth.

I am glad I am a massage therapist because I had to work that cheek and neck 3 times a day for 3 days for all the pain to go away.  I used Traumeel on it each time. 

People usually clench lighter than that in the night and slowly build up to more and more pain.  I know someone  whom in the day time I see grinding and clenching their teeth.  If you have been clenching for a long time and slowly been building up the muscle, it becomes very strong and takes more time to treat.  That is true for any long term problem.  The longer you have had the problem, the longer it takes to treat.

I felt lucky I only clenched that night.  It is not something I do very often.

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On Draping from Loveland Massage by Helena

Yes, I do use draping in my practice.  I think most people feel more comfortable being draped during massage.  People feel safer, warmer, and much less self conscious.

I do periodically receive calls asking if I require draping.  I think this is because some massage therapists move or quit practice and did not use draping.  Their clients look for some one else that does not drape. 

Sorry, I do prefer draping.  I don’t use the diaper drape, much too fussy for me.  I guess I have a more casual approach.  I do feel that it is important for the client to be able to talk to me about anything during the massage. 

I always start with a new client by saying, “I like to work to a hurts good feeling, it may hurt a bit but you know it will feel better when I am done.  You must not be clenching your teeth or holding your breath.  That would mean I am working too deep.  Please just tell me.  If at any time you don’t like what I am doing, or are uncomfortable; tell me and I will change what I am doing.  You will always be covered with a sheet and blanket and I will uncover your arm while working on it and then cover it up again.”

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